What is Dynamine?


A1Supplements DynamineEvery year, the supplement industry is blessed with new ingredients that promise more intense energy, heightened mental clarity, and bigger, badder, nastier muscle pumps. Over the years, we’ve see the likes of DMAA, DMHA, AMP Citrate, and a slew of energy, focus, and nitric oxide-boosting supplements, but for the most part, those really aggressive (“fun”) stimulants have gotten the kibosh from big government officials, which has left hardcore stim-heads searching for “the next big thing.”

Well, that “next big thing” has arrived in Dynamine. This cutting-edge neuroactivator is packing the energy, euphoria, and focus of those designer stims, without any of the drawbacks to those other powerful energy boosters.

What is Dynamine?

If you’re familiar with TeaCrine, you’ve got a pretty good idea of what Dynamine is. Essentially, Dynamine is an analog of TeaCrine that is faster acting and harder hitting, making it perfect for inclusion in pre workouts, energy drinks, and even productivity supplements.

Dynamine™ is the trademarked name for methylliberine, a “cousin” of TeaCrine and derivative of caffeine. Similar to TeaCrine, Dynamine belongs to a family of compounds called methylurates, which are similar to methylxanthines (caffeine, theobromine, theophylline, etc.), but the difference is that methylurates do NOT impact cardiovascular parameters (blood pressure, heart rate), the way that methylxanthines like caffeine do.In other words, Dynamine™ (as well as TeaCrine) stimulate the central nervous system without affecting the cardiovascular system. So, you get all of the increased energy, alertness, and focus of stimulants like caffeine without the increases in heart rate or blood pressure. And, there’s no vasoconstriction with Dynamine, as can occur with other stimulants, meaning pumps won’t be adversely impacted by taking it prior to training!

Dynamine vs TeaCrine

We’ve already stated that Dynamine is a close cousin to TeaCrine, so how closely are they related? Well…

The chemical formula for Dynamine is 2-methoxy-1,7,9 Tetramethyluric acid, while the formula for TeaCrine is 1,3,7,9 Tetramethyluric acid. What the creators of Dynamine did, is essentially take the methyl group on the “3-position” of the theacrine molecule and removed it, then transferred it onto one of the oxygens (2-oxo) on the pyrimidine ring of the molecule. This results in a “methoxy” group, makes the new Dynamine molecule more lipid soluble and less hydrophilic, which is a very, very good thing because compounds that are less hydrophilic cross the blood-brain barrier much more seamlessly.A1Supplements DynamineIn layman’s terms, that means Dynamine is more rapidly taken up into the brain, making it “hit” a lot quicker than TeaCrine, whose effects typically aren’t felt until about 90 minutes post-ingestion. Plus, the new methoxy group on Dynamine also means it can impact neuroreceptors a bit differently than TeaCrine, possibly exerting more pronounced actions on your dopamine receptors and exerting some “downstream” neurotransmitters such as serotonin, GABA, and norepinephrine.

Dosing Dynamine

When dosed on its own, the “sweet spot” for Dynamine tends to be in the 100-200mg range. Since Dynamine is so new on the scene, there really hasn’t been an “ideal” dose identified, but research trials are currently underway to pinpoint the “most effective” dose.

It’s also worth noting that the researchers behind Dynamine have stated that you can probably get away with a lower dose of Dynamine when combining it with other stimulants and nootropics, which we’ll get to next!A1Supplements DynamineStacking Dynamine

In addition to using Dynamine on its own, where it really shines, is when it’s paired with other stimulants and nootropics, which is why we say it’s perfect for inclusion in the best pre workouts of 2018.

•Caffeine + Dynamine
A recent study published showed that when TeaCrine was combined with caffeine, it increased the bioavailability and onset of effects of the longer-lasting neuroactivator. Since Dynamine and TeaCrine are so closely related, it’s a fairly safe assumption that caffeine will enhance the effectiveness Dyamine considerably.

•Dynamine + TeaCrine
Here, you’re getting the best of both worlds. You get the immediate increase in energy and focus of Dynamine, with the sustained, “slow burn” energy of TeaCrine. This is an ideal combo if you’ve got a full day of studying or work.

Note that this stack could also be upped even further with the addition of a little caffeine too. Expect to see the caffeine + Dynamine + TeaCrine combo showing up in pre workouts a LOT in 2018.•Dynamine + Tyrosine

Tyrosine is a precursor to dopamine, a powerful neurotransmitter that affects the brain’s reward and pleasure centers, and it also regulates movement and emotional responses. Since Dynamine impacts the dopamine receptors in the brain, stacking it with Tyrosine makes a potent 1-2 punch that will enhance mood and focus, making it an ideal pairing for pre workouts or nootropic stacks. Plus, it may also help reduce stress that can occur during high-intensity training or extremely demanding mental processing tasks.

•Dynamine + Cholinergics
While this pairing hasn’t been tested in any clinical trials, yet, pairing compounds that enhance dopamine and acetylcholine neurotransmitters is extremely common in pre workouts and productivity supplements, due to the increased mood, focus, and learning the duo of neurotransmitters provides.

Is Dynamine Safe?

Unlike several of the other new-age stimulants that have dropped on the scene the last few years, no adverse effects have been attributed to Dynamine in the early rounds of testing. Additionally, three human trials are currently underway along with several animal toxicity studies, with the belief that GRAS status will be granted to Dynamine.A1Supplements DynamineDynamine: 2018’s Breakout Stimulant

Compound Solutions revolutionized the pre workout market a few years ago with the release of TeaCrine, but for many people they wanted something that was faster and harder hitting. Well, Compound Solutions has delivered a more potent, fast-acting neuro activating compound in Dynamine. It delivers all of the enhanced focus, alertness, and concentration of yesteryear’s hardcore stimulants, with none of the potential legal issue or drawbacks.References

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