The Reason Plants are Incredibly Anabolic


A1Supplements Killer Labz LaxogeninWhen the goal is packing on a mountain of muscle, there is one surefire way to meet and exceed that goal. In fact, it’s the only way to become superhuman. That’s right, we’re talking about steroids. Not the real-deal, of course, but as close as we can get. As each anabolic is becomes banned by WADA or the FDA, we look for new compounds that can mimic the effects of testosterone, just as each anabolic has done in the past. One of the new directions are plant steroids, like laxogenin.A1Supplements Killer Labz LaxogeninBefore you think this is some vegan propaganda, read this paragraph. With every new pharmaceutically-derived steroid, they are compared to testosterone for their anabolic and androgenic potential. Testosterone has anabolic and androgenic ratings of 100 each. More popular compounds, like trenbolone, have anabolic and androgenic ratings 5x that amount, which speaks to their efficacy (and explains how a 280lb freak can grow into a show by incorporating some tren). The anabolic and androgenic ratings do not always match, though. One of the cleanest mass builders is Anavar (Oxandrolone), with an anabolic rating of ~350 and an androgenic rating of ~35. The most promising plant steroid is Laxogenin, and Laxogenin, sold under the trade name Laxosterone, has an anabolic/androgenic profile similar to that of Anavar.

One of the major upsides to Anavar and Laxogenin is the relative absence of side effects. Because of the low androgenic potential of Anavar compared to testosterone, side effects are minimal, and some beasts even use the drug between cycles of more powerful steroids because it is thought to not interrupt the natural production of testosterone. However, Anavar definitely carries risk for liver toxicity. Laxogenin, on the other hand, has no known side effects – not even liver toxicity. This gives Laxogenin an advantage over all known prohormones, which are all liver toxic.A1Supplements Killer Labz LaxogeninThere are no side effects, but Laxogenin maintains the capacity for huge growth. Plant steroids have documented hypertrophic effects on mammalian muscle tissue. They activate all the known anabolic biochemical pathways, jack up muscle protein synthesis, and cause actual increases in muscle tissue weight! The only question left is, “where can I get my hands on some Laxogenin?!

There are 2 answers to that question. The right answer for you is as simple as choosing between a BCAA or protein powder. Brute BCAA and Predator Pro both contain Laxosterone. Combined with the power of nitrogen in amino acids and protein as well as some myostatin-inhibiting epicatechin, Laxosterone will quickly become a powerful weapon in your growth arsenal. Looking for steroid-like gains? Become a Killer while keeping it safe and legal – grab some Laxosterone in Brute BCAA and Predator Pro!a1Supplements Killer Labz Laxogenin Brute BCAA

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