5 Recovery Tips to Enhance Muscle Building


A1Supplements Primeval Labs Muscle RecoveryAthletes spend so much time focusing on pushing themselves in the gym and eating just the right amount of food, yet they never seem to place the same amount of dedication to their recovery! But here’s the thing, muscles don’t grow while you’re training, that’s when they’re broken down. The repair and growth processes only begin to take place when you’re recovering.

In order for you to get bigger, faster, and stronger than the rest, you must place a premium on proper recovery. It’s critical to avoiding injury and enjoying a long and happy life of uninhibited progress.

Why is Recovery Important?

When you lift weights, your body first “lifts” the weight with its nervous system, then with the mind, and then with your muscles. You’ve probably experienced this first hand whenever performing some new exercise. While your muscles may be strong enough to lift the load, if you’ve never performed a particular movement before, it takes some time (in the form of repetitions) for your central nervous system (CNS) to figure out what in the world you’re doing. So, it that sense, the CNS is subjected to stress as much as, if not more than, your muscles. This wear and tear on the CNS only increases they more frequently you train and the closer you train to your 1 rep max.Fish-Flax-Omegas-Articles-AdTo allow for appropriate “supercompensation”, sufficient rest and recovery must be programmed into your training as well as your daily life. For those of you not aware, “supercompensation” is the final stage of fitness training, preceded by baseline fitness, training, and recovery. It’s the increased level of fitness you’ve attained compared to your starting point after you’ve taxed your muscles and allowed them to recovery.

In other words, the only way you get to the higher state of strength and size is by training hard and then recovering hard.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at 5 of the best recovery tips you can use to build muscle.A1Supplements Primeval Labs Muscle RecoveryMuscle-Building Recovery Tips


You know that properly hydrating is crucial to performance, but it’s also essential for the recovery process. Exercise increases the body’s requirement for water and electrolytes, and if you’re not providing your body with enough hydration, you’re reducing your muscles ability to repair itself and grow bigger and stronger.

Research shows that proper post-exercise hydration improves recovery and subsequent performance.[1] So make sure to have an extra glass of water (or two or three) after exercise to fuel the recovery process.

Roll it Out

Intense training can lead to all sorts of knots and adhesions in your muscles and connective tissue. Left untreated, this can restrict movement, impair performance, and potentially lead to muscle imbalances as the muscles cannot move as they ordinarily would.A1Supplements Primeval Labs Muscle RecoveryUsing a foam roller, grid roller, lacrosse ball, or even a tennis ball are all forms of self-myofascial release that can help break up the adhesions, remove those gnarly knots and restore freedom of movement to the muscles.

A fair word of warning if you’ve never done any sort of foam rolling before, it’s not the most comfortable or enjoyable experience in the world, but the recovery benefits they offer are life changing.

Chill Out

Exercise causes a brief, acute increase in stress. While some stress is good, and even beneficial in certain cases, chronic stress is terrible for recovery and muscle growth. Work deadlines, family issues, financial troubles, and traffic are all stressors that can lead you to feeling stressed out all the time. When you’re always stressed, cortisol levels remain elevated, which impair the body’s recovery processes, leading to poor performance both mentally and physically.

If you’re finding that you’re stressed all the time, maybe it’s time to take a look at those areas of your life that are causing the most stress and address them. Some other measures you can take to reduce stress include reading at night, yoga, mediation, or even something as simple as having a warm cup of chamomile tea before bed.

Whatever means you take to chill out, do it! Less stress benefits your mind, muscles, and well-being.

A1Supplements Primeval Labs Muscle RecoverySmart Supplementation

Amino acids are the building blocks of muscles. When you consume protein, your body breaks down those complex proteins into single amino acids that it uses to sustain and rebuild your muscles that were damaged during training. Without adequate amounts of these amino acids, muscle recovery is severely limited.[3]

One of the best things you can to support the recovery and growth processes in the body is by supplementing with essential amino acids (EAA’s) before training. While the post workout “anabolic” window is often emphasized, research notes that supplementing with EAA’s prior to exercise is actually superior to post exercise supplementation for maximizing protein synthesis.[2]

The best EAA supplement to take pre workout is Primeval Labs EAA Max. It supplies all of the EAA’s required by the body to build muscle as well as the essential electrolytes needed for proper muscle function. Not only is it effective, it’s also the best tasting EAA supplement on the market!A1Supplements Primeval Labs Muscle RecoverySleep

Sleep is probably the single most underrated element when it comes to building muscle. Not getting enough sleep impairs recovery and subsequent performance.[3] Ensuring you get a full night’s rest is critical for building stronger muscles and performing better day in and day out.[4]

The problem is, with hectic lives, endless work demands, and bombardment by blue light from electrical devices, sleep isn’t very easy to come by these days. But there’s help on the way in the form of Primeval Labs EAA Sleep.

Each serving of EAA Sleep delivers a full range of components that promote relaxation and help you have a long, productive sleep each and every night. On top of that, EAA Sleep also supplies the full range of essential amino acids your body needs to repair its muscles while you sleep, making every night’s sleep truly anabolic!

Maximize Recovery for Maximum Muscle Building

Recovery is essential to muscle repair and growth. While you might think you’re young and invincible, the truth is, you’re not the Energizer bunny. You can’t keep going and going and going. You need to take time to recover; we all do.

Use these tips to recover better and faster on your way to becoming bigger, faster, and stronger.A1Supplements Primeval Labs Muscle RecoveryReferences

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