30 Minute Dumbbell Hamstring Workout


A1Supplements 30 Minute Dumbbell Hamstring WorkoutWhen it comes to building muscle and strength, we tend to focus on those muscles that we can easily see — chest, biceps, shoulders, quads. Left to our own devices, we’d probably spend all of our time in the gym blasting away on bench, hammering the shoulders with heavy presses and laterals, and annihilate the quads with some serious leg press.

And while most lifters tend to take a pass on leg days, even the most die-hard of bros will at the very least hit a few sets of leg extensions and leg press. And while something is better than nothing, leg presses and extensions focus almost solely on development of the quadriceps, much to the detriment of the hamstrings.

The hamstring, a forgotten muscle by most lifters, is critical to leg development and training longevity. In fact, most strength coaches will agree that the constant tweaks, aches, and sprains athletes get is due to a huge imbalance between the quads and hamstrings.

Well, the days of you shirking your hamstring training are over. It’s time to get serious about training the biceps of the lower body.

And we’re going to bulletproof those hamstrings in 30 minutes using nothing but a pair of dumbbells, leaving you plenty of time to get back to those “show” muscles you so desperately want to train.30 Minute Dumbbell Hamstring Workout

This 30 minute dumbbell hamstring workout relies heavily on unilateral training, short rest periods, and supersets. The legs can take a lot of abuse, and require lots and lots of reps to fatigue when weight is limited. As such, we’re going to get more bang for our buck from the light weights by using single leg exercises such as the Bulgarian Split Squat (a.k.a. Rear foot elevated split squat) and the reverse lunge.

One special note regarding the Bulgarian Split Squats, make sure to have a slight forward lean when performing the exercise. By tilting your torso slightly forward, you place more stress on the hamstring and glutes than if you were to perform the movement with an upright torso, which hits harder on the quads and glutes.

Now, let’s get after those hammies!

30 Minute Dumbbell Hamstring Workout





Forward Leaning Bulgarian Split Squat



45 sec between sides

Reverse Lunge (superset with next exercise)



30 sec / leg

Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift



60 seconds

High Box Step Ups



5 Min

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